The uni-body shell of the car is clad with body panels: Here we list anything ouside the car that comes in contact directly with the air, except glass, winsows and windshields.

  • Hood, Grills
  • Fenders and wheel well covers
  • Trunk lids
  • Doors and locking hardware
  • Sun Roof Cassettes
  • Gas Doors
  • Sport Mirrors
  • Bumpers and Under-body Covers ( for Engine and Transmission)
  • Badges and Trim
  • Uni-Baody Sections : Often large sections of the chassis are removed and sold.

    • Front Clips (Windshield Forward)
    • Rear Quarter Panels
    • Rear Aprons


Includes  all Non-Electrical  major  assemblies found inside the cab, seating area and storage areas; basicaly everything you can touch from inside the car or cargo areas with the doors closed except the glass.

  • Seating / does not include seat position and seat heater switches (Look in Electrical)
  • Consoles and Arm Rest Assemblies and Components
  • Door Panels
  • Interior Door Handles
  • Dash Boards
  • Head Liners
  • Carpet
  • Trim Packages

Glass shares the inside and exterior of the vehicle;

  • WInd shield (Front & Rear)
  • Door Glass
  • Window Regulators and other glass related mechaniclal components


NOTE:: Does not include manually operated switches (Look in Electrical)

or Heater / AC Components that have their own category.


(Sunroof, Moon Roof & Ceiling Portals are listed in the "Sunroof" Category.)

(Pedals and Pedal Arrays are listed in Final Drive)


Set Descending Direction

65-80 of 1537

Set Descending Direction

65-80 of 1537