1 Series

1 Series

Please check the build date of your car vs. Those of the parts listed to confirm compatibility

Note: Coupe seats will go in Sedans but Sedan seats will not flip forward so do not work in 2-door coupes or 2 door hatchbacks or 2 door convertibles.

Convertible seats often only fit in the same model and body style of vehicle.
Wiring may or may not be present in your vehicle to operate every option of a seat your car was not originally equipped for.

1st generation

BMW E87 (2004–2011): five-door hatchback
BMW E81 (2007–2011): three-door hatchback
BMW E82 (2007–2013): two-door coupe
BMW E88 (2007–2014): two-door convertible

2nd generation

BMW F20 (2011–2015): five-door hatchback
BMW F21 (2012–2015): three-door hatchback

2nd Generation LCI (Facelift)
F20 LCI (2015–actual): five-door hatchback
F21 LCI (2015–actual): three-door hatchback

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