Engine Parts & Sub Assemblies

A running engine is made up of a number of sub assemblies that perform specific tasks. These industry standard grouping are universally recognized by mechanics and industry professionals although they often argue about what should go where. These are our categories for engine sub systems:

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  • Block - Crank and pistons (Engine Case)
  • Head - Cam shafts, valves, rockers
  • Air System - Air Box, MAF, Boot, Throttle Body, Intake, DISA
  • Fuel Delivery - Rail, Injectors, Fuel Regulator, Carburator, Lines
  • Ignition - Plugs, Coil Packs, Distributor, Rotor, Harness
  • Starting - Starter, Flywheel, Battery
  • Pollution Control & Vacuum  - Air Vacuum Pump, lines and quick connects
  • Idle Control - VANOS, Timing Chain and Guides and ICV
  • Oil Lubrication - Oil Sump and Pump, Oil Pan, Oil filter housing
  • Seals, O-Rings & Gaskets
  • Alternator Generator - Electrical generators and Ground wires
  • Exhaust Manifold - and down pipes*
  • Belts Pullies and Tenioners
  • Engine Mounts
  • Sensors*

NOTE: A/C Comprresors are with Heating and Cooling

 *NOTE: Manifolds maybe included with EXHAUST

* Sensors maybe listed as part of an Assembly but can be requested to be quoted on their own


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