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The number one question people ask -

1) Where are you?

Answer: We do not have one location we have over 10 - all in the North Eastern USA and Eastern Canada.

Most shipments originate from our Shipping Office in Lewiston NY 14092.

2) Can I trust this website?

Answer: Well,  Here is our "TRUST" rating: What is "BMW ALL PARTS" current TRUST SCORE?

We would have a higher score but a competitor tried to smear us on a forum - please read it - it kinda backfired on him - it's hilarious.

He comes off sounding like a total jerk:

maXbimmer May 15th 2012

Finally, people ask:

3) Who are you?

In business for over thirty-five years as dedicated BMW repair and supply shops. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of BMW vehicles and understanding the sophisticated evolving technology as it moves off the racing circuit to under the hood of the BMW production vehicles. . Our senior mechanics apprenticed on the classic 1500, Bavarian's, 2002 and 320 / 320i of the sixties and seventies. With each new advancement in technology our mechanics attended all the BMW training classes offered achieving the highest levels in their personal evaluations. A tradition that has continued with each new apprentice and mechanic employed in our shops making them; highly skilled, highly trained, highly intuitive and highly capable. To assist them, our shops maintain the most cutting edge technology and as a result we are often given the problem cars the dealers and other shops do not know how to repair.

Despite the investment - our prices are competitive, each of our many shops maintains a warehouse of new and used parts that we draw on to use as diagnosis tools and utilize to repair the cars of our long time faithful customers. Cars are repaired faster and back on the road with good used parts that we have certified. The stock is maintained by acquiring well maintained vehicles and dismantling them for a complete inventory of parts for each car. We have amassed thousands of dismantled BMW vehicles in our inventory and we are now offering those choice used parts to the public so they too can lower the cost of keeping their cherished ride on the road or bringing a car back to life and vigor.

It is a constant process and the inventory shown is only a small fraction of what is available. If you cannot find what you are looking for - please send a request.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you will find what you are looking for...

as always.....enjoy the ride!